Vow Ceremony with Zen Master Gu Ja SSN
& Inauguration of the new ZZB self-government group

Location: Zen Center Berlin (ZZB)

Time: April 16, 2022 from 12:20 p.m

After the YMJJ, a ceremony takes place in the ZZB, which is used on the one hand to take vows and on the other hand to introduce the officials in the Self-administration of the ZZB.

The ceremony is public and we look forward to your participation on-site or online (limited number of participants on site! Please register in advance at berlin@kwanumzen. de or +49-30-46605090).

If you would like to take vows, please contact the ZZB (+49-30-46605090/berlin@kwanumzen.de) with Gu Ja SSN.

If you want to get involved in self-government, please contact Martin (info@kwanumzen.de).